4 thoughts on “Review: Ben Macintyre’s AGENT SONYA

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this book, but there is no doubt that Ben Macintyre is one of the most entertaining non-fiction writers around. It helps that he never seems to run out of fascinating characters along with truths-stranger-than-fiction stories from 20th century history. The book that started me off reading him was “Operation Mincemeat”.

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    • He is definitely a super-entertaining writer; a good friend read The Spy and the Traitor, in a way about Sonya’s opposite, and loved it. I didn’t love the Philby book, but this one kept me turning pages even when I had so much work-work to do! I think you’d really enjoy it!

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  2. Speaking of Patrick Radden Keefe, I just his new book ‘Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynastry’ from the library.


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