Rating and Heat Schemes

Miss Bates quotes Jane Austen to render judgement:

“You have bewitched me.”  Pride and Prejudice

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.” Emma

“A mind lively and at ease.”  Emma

“Real comfort,” Emma

“Almost pretty.”  Northanger Abbey

“Tolerable comfort.”  Mansfield Park

“It had a high claim to forbearance.” Emma

“Downright labour.” Emma

“Rubs and disappointments everywhere.”  Mansfield Park

“It was badly done, indeed.”  Emma

Miss Bates tags reviews with “heat” ratings:

Kisses-Only (Self-explanatory)

Closed Bedroom Door (Love-making happens “off-site”.)

Bedroom Door Slightly Ajar (Love-making euphemistically described.)

Bedroom Door Ajar (Love-making realistically described. Love scenes are few and far between; emotions take precedence over physicality.)

Open Bedroom Door (Love-making realistically described. Love scenes are frequent. Emotions are still the romance narrative’s crux.)

Wide Open Bedroom Door (Love-making occurs frequently and descriptions are explicit. Emotions still take precedence and the end is HEA.)

5 thoughts on “Rating and Heat Schemes

    1. Miss Bates is so honoured, her loquaciousness doesn’t quite know what to do with itself. Gasp … she’s near speechless. Thank you very much for the links of blog-happiness! I love reading your blog & check it daily. Miss Bates is even a trifle disheartened when she doesn’t have the pleasure of reading a new post, but as she too is in the academic trenches, she understands. Ah, the halcyon days of the full-on reading summer …


    1. Thank you! Miss B. loves using these quotations and she thinks, hopes that other than the ones in the nether regions, they’re pretty lovely for a writer to see, not only potential readers. 😉 She tries to add a gem phrase here and there as she finds them in her Austen reading.


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